#Art of Fantasy 5: Paul Bonner

I don’t recall precisely when I discovered Paul Bonner‘s work, only that it fascinated me enough that I bought his art book, Out of the Forests: The Art of Paul Bonner. It stands proudly next to my Frazetta books.

Bonner is a fantasy artist who has created art for over twenty years, most notably for gaming companies. You would know his work from the covers of World of Lone Wolf series of gamebooks, Grey Star the Wizard, The Forbidden City, Dungeons & Dragons, and War of the Wizards. He also did work for Games Workshop, specifically on Warhammer 40 K.

Below you will find selected pieces which I feel showcase Bonner’s artistic talent the best, plus they fall well within the fantasy realm.

The Frost Giant



A vicious little Goblin or two…





Shaman on a red troll




Racham’s Minotaur


Part of what I like about Bonner’s work is his eye for detail. Bonner, like Brom, loves to paint even the tiniest of detail. You can see it in the texture of skin or hide, in the ragged, chipped edge of an old blade or worn hilt. You can see it in the background,  the stones, trees, door handles, belt buckles, greaves, even the grain of an old, lopsided door is painted with meticulous detail. When I look at a Bonner piece I look at a completed, well-formed snapshot of a world that begs to be explored.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed today’s edition of #Art of Fantasy.



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