My #Writing Space

IMG_8947My office at night.

It’s well-used. The desk pad is worn through by my elbows. I need a new chair. I don’t mind. It’s familiar and cozy. It’s a place for working. It’s deceptive. It looks plain and unassuming. But it serves as my portal to worlds unseen. cultures and people yet to be named. Adventures waiting to be explored, journeys yet to be taken. I love my office.

To the left of my desk is a smaller bookcase with recently bought books on the bottom shelve. I adore this bookcase. It houses some of my favorite books. My fishing gear is to the right. I love that hat. The hat has been with me for over ten years. Like my desk pad, it is well-used. IMG_8506 The bookcases below populate the space behind me when I’m at my desk. These are not all my books. I still have hundreds packed away in boxes in the garage. There is just not enough space for them all. Then we have my comic books. I have over 13,000 titles that I’ve collected during my youth, even early twenties. I haven’t bought any in many, many years, but I also forgot to do something with the existing ones and so they now collect dust and mold in the garage. I hope not too badly, though.

There are some really nice books here. Some not so nice. Some books I won’t ever read again, but I won’t get rid of them. I cannot explain why, so I won’t. The bookcase on the left mostly has non-fiction titles. The top shelve has number of books on writing. The second and third shelves are a mix of history, philosophy and war, including the Anglo Boer War. Yes, I have an interest in that, given my origins.

Then you have some graphic novels and a few art books that include Frazetta and Bonner. I should purchase some Brom, too. I haven’t yet, money being tight and all. The bookcase on the right contains an eclectic mix of fiction. It includes Grisham, Child, McNab, Cussler, DeMille and a few lesser known names. My law books, or what I have left of them, reside on the bottom shelve. I haven’t opened one in over three years. If you ask me, they can stay shut. IMG_8507So there you have it. A blog post out of the blue about my writing space and the books that populate it. It is not so exciting, I know, but then all the exciting stuff happens behind the scenes.



12 thoughts on “My #Writing Space

    1. Ha! I know what you mean. I love reading about writing spaces and thought to share mine. It felt like a bit of over share, and that I might regret it, but that feeling is gone now. This is where I write. It’s a humble place. Too humble for embarrassment.

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      1. I occasionally do some oversharing, but there’s also a sense of anonymity here. It’s a little bit like being in a confessional, and although the priest may be snickering on the other side, he never sees your face.

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      2. I’ve decided to be more open and transparent in 2015. Blog more frequently and take my writing to the next level. Part of that process is sharing more of me with the rest of the world. Let’s just hope I don’t scare people away. :-p

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      3. Although it can be an uncomfortable place for me to go personally, I really appreciate it when I see honesty and vulnerability in others work. These are the things that resonate with your reader and that’s the place where you can truly connect. Of course you do open yourself up to more criticism and the potential of turning people off. But at the end of the day that’s not the audience you want anyway. I’ve been working on putting myself in that “uncomfortable place.”

        In one of the blogs I follow they wrote “sometimes to be truly honest you have to write with the belief that no one will read it…”

        Of course, then the comments come…

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      4. You are right. There is much risk and it isn’t easy, but even in genre writing you need honesty. My background and weird mind informs my writing. If I’m honest in my writing and my blog posts, I’ll draw the people I need to draw and those are the important people. People I want to share my career with. We live in a world full of judgement and criticism. I’ll deal with it on a case by case basis. I doubt it’ll effect me too much. Sometimes those that ridicule and criticise and act like assholes reveal more about themselves.

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      5. In the words of Jim Morrison, “those people can suck a giant fart out of my asshole.” Sorry…talking more like a lady did not make it onto my 2015 goal list. Maybe next year…

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  1. Love this post. Woelf, thanks for sharing. These are inspirational treasure troves. Many people don’t understand writers because we are a strange breed. I understand and resonate with this immensely. Love the fishing hat.


    1. Thanks, Bob. You are right, of course. I can’t sit in a cafe, drink coffee and write while people mill around. I need to be in an office (preferably mine), alone, with the door shut, and no noise or at least music of my choosing. I have tried to write in public, it doesn’t work for me. Plus I love my books. just having them there inspires me.


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