#Art of Fantasy 45: Joel Lagerwall


I’m slightly late this week, but I do have another gem for you. Believe it or not, but today’s artist is self-taught and has only been painting for three years. You wouldn’t say that if you look at his awesome portfolio. No wonder Joel Lagerwall, who is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Sweden, can boast clients like Hex Trading Card GamesGames Workshop and a bunch of other companies.

His journey started small and modest, on a cheap tablet, with no clear direction but for the art he created and kept on creating. And the way things usually work when talent is made tangible,  fate smiled and embraced this young artist and swept him away in a whirlwind of feats and successes. Like most artists, including even some writers, Joel’s source of inspiration was fantasy art. In his case, the art of Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer board games, specifically the cover illustrations of the Warhammer books. And they continue to inspire and fuel his drive to this day.

Below is a small sampling of his work. As always, each image links back to the artist’s gallery. Enjoy!















Being inspired by art is something I  understand and identify with. Although I don’t draw anymore, I used to do a lot in my teens and early twenties, but writing has always had the stronger calling for me. And yet, both my drawing and writing aspirations can be blamed on fantasy art from artists like Frazetta and Jones and Bisley and many others. I may not draw anymore, but I write a lot and one of my sources of inspiration is still good fantasy art.  It’s also the reason I started this series.

Take a look at Joel’s paintings. They possess an ethereal tone in both line and color composition, and his use of muted colors allows for the light to appear more vibrant and dynamic. It adds a diaphanous hue to his paintings, creating a dreamlike state almost, but then, that is the nature of fantasy, is it not? An escape to the unseen world that coexist next to our own. If you want to know more about Joel and his work or even contact him for a commission, you’ll find him on Facebook or Tumblr.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And remember to check out my Art of Science Fiction post over at Kōsa Press.




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