R.A. Salvatore and Why He Loves Writing

Every now and then I find an article or a video clip or something else that inspires me creatively, specifically when it comes to writing. It’s fascinating to read about authors and how they started in this profession, how they write, what emotional challenges they conquered, etc. I soak in this information, hoping that something would *click!* somewhere in the back of my mind and the veil of ignorance would lift and I would see my literary path illuminated, free from confusion. Of course it doesn’t really work like that. You only get the magic going if you keep writing.

Still, authors and their stories inspire me. I think it’s human nature. We tend to assume we are special and that our problems are unique to us, but when you read about other people, about other authors and you read about their struggles, their rejections, the mountains they had to climb before success found them, you realize that though you are special, you are not that special. Thousands of other people trotted this path. Some had better hiking shoes, maybe more water, maybe a better backpack, but they all went down the same path, and the one thing they had in common–the one thing they all shared–is that they kept walking. They kept writing. There lies the inspiration.

I found this video clip from R. A. Salvatore from 2012 in which he talks about how he got started in writing, and yes, it started with a blizzard and The Hobbit. The importance for me, in this clip, was when he spoke about why he writes and why he loves doing it. You should listen to the whole clip. It’s about 20 minutes. I think it will be worth your while. I really do. Being able to write and have strangers read our work is far bigger than we think.

From the video description:

On October 4, 2012, writer R.A. Salvatore received the Chandler Reward of Merit from the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, Massachusetts. The Chandler Reward of Merit is presented to authors who have made significant contributions to children’s and young adult literature. Salvatore gave an intimate and fascinating talk on how and why he became a writer, his inspirations, and how the fantasy genre has changed since he started writing.

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