90 sites to advertise your book

For those of you who are wondering about sites to advertise your books, author James Calbraith compiled a list of 90 sites you can use. Some are paid, some are unpaid. A lot of them are useful when you’re having a giveaway as they only promote free books. If you have a new book coming out and you want to get new eyeballs on your name and work, use one of your previous books as a temporary (or permanent) loss-leader. A lot of these sites will come in handy for this.

So, if you have wondered about promoting your book, this list should be able to guide you. As far as I am aware, it is the most comprehensive list out there. I could be wrong, of course, but if I am, someone can correct me.

At the very least it’ll provide you with options. It’s good to have options.

James Calbraith

kindleAs far as I’m aware, this is the most comprehensive list of book promo sites anywhere on the internet. The list was compiled from various online sources, most notably – Rachelle’s Window (go there and thank her! 🙂 she also lists Alexa rankings for the sites) and my own research. As of posting this on August 10th 2014, all the links below are working. Note that I can’t guarantee that the sites themselves are still working, that the forms lead anywhere, or that you will actually get anything for your money.

Majority of these sites advertise books when they’re free, as part of KDP Select or Smashword promo. If you want to promote a paid book, you usually need to pay extra.

If you think I’m missing something, let me know in the comments.

As always, you can express your gratitude by purchasing one of my books 🙂


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