#Art of Fantasy 78: Aleksi Briclot

Aleksi Briclot lives in France and has been active in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. From illustrations for comic books and book covers to concept design and art direction, and a ton load of other projects that include Hellgate: London, Conan, Annihilation: Conquest, The New Avengers, and The Incredible Hulk--Aleksi has done it all. Below … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 78: Aleksi Briclot

R.A. Salvatore and Why He Loves Writing

Every now and then I find an article or a video clip or something else that inspires me creatively, specifically when it comes to writing. It’s fascinating to read about authors and how they started in this profession, how they write, what emotional challenges they conquered, etc. I soak in this information, hoping that something would … Continue reading R.A. Salvatore and Why He Loves Writing