#Art of Fantasy 78: Aleksi Briclot

131605_LIGHTS--SLUSH_Final_SmallAleksi Briclot lives in France and has been active in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. From illustrations for comic books and book covers to concept design and art direction, and a ton load of other projects that include Hellgate: London, Conan, Annihilation: Conquest, The New Avengers, and The Incredible Hulk–Aleksi has done it all.

Below you’ll find a small sampling of the artist’s work. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy!












It’s no surprise that his list of clients is a long and impressive one. Companies like Marvel, Disney, Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard Entertainment, Todd McFarlane Productions, Dark Horse Comics, and Ubisoft Entertainment are but a few worth mentioning.

There is not much to say, really. Aleksi’s work is awesome. His illustrations are vibrant and detailed and pulse with exciting action and remind me of my comic book days. I also love his background landscapes. The first two images are of particular interest to me, especially the one of Elric of Melibone. Although both images differ in style and tone, they remain equally powerful.

Let me know your thoughts and remember to check out this week’s Art of Science Fiction over on Kōsa Press.




4 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 78: Aleksi Briclot

  1. Oh, I like this one. So dynamic! And I lvoe the monochomatic atmosphere in most of them.
    The characters are also so vivid, so vibrant. It’s obvious they have a story to tell.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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