#Art of Fantasy 77: Ariel Perez

ariel-perez-kgAriel Perez hails from Israel and works as a freelance concept artist and illustrator and has fantasized about fantasy and science fiction stories for most of his life. Documenting these stories through the visual medium of drawing was the only way he knew how to express and make real the concepts he saw in his mind. Even back in high school, Ariel dreamed of developing video games and art was just a way of channeling that dream. He never intended on becoming an artist and even studied game development for a year in furtherance of his gaming aspirations. That is until he discovered a video on YouTube about character concept art. That sold him and he bought a Wacom tablet and began studying the tutorials. The result of that determination and commitment can be seen on this page.

I know his work tends to fall on the science fiction side of things, but we have swords and armor in these paintings, so I made an executive decision. Although Ariel’s work, at least the ones I have here, falls in the dystopian/dieselpunk arena, I decided to extend it to fantasy because the ambiance in these paintings feels like a reversion to old things done in the old way and, for the time being, and while my prattle endures, I’ve extended my understanding of fantasy for the sake of this post.

Below you’ll find a collection of Ariel’s art. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy!















Ariel’s reliance on a monochromatic palette for most of his paintings creates a powerful and haunting effect and reminds me a little of some of Brom’s work. Ariel’s overall use of muted, earthy colors provides a distinct ambiance that is unique and memorable. I love the tonal effect it creates.

Writers find inspiration just about everywhere. Growing up and even now, art manages to press a unique set of buttons for me. Viewing Ariel’s portfolio, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to the world he created and now I have this desire to write stories in this dystopian otherworld where weird creatures and armored soldiers and potion brewers roam the desolate landscape.

What do you think of Ariel’s work? Let me know in the comments below. Remember to check out this week’s Art of Science fiction over on Kōsa Press.




5 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 77: Ariel Perez

  1. Such a weird artist. These illustration feel new and familiar at the same time. And so they kind of feel different and common at the same time. A very strange feeling.


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