#Art of Fantasy 4: Brom

I promised dark. I present to you the art of Brom.


Brom Lion Head


Snake Heart





I’ve been an admirer of Brom’s work for a long while. He and Frazetta are the only artists, in my humble opinion, able enough to draw and paint Conan the way Robert E. Howard envisaged the iconic barbarian.

Of course, there is also an otherworldly feeling to Brom’s work that attracts me, maybe out of morbid curiosity or maybe because I just like dark fantasy. The mysteries of those dark realms we don’t yet know the names of are utterly fascinating to me.

If you click on any of the images above it will take you to Brom’s website where you’ll find a complete description and/or explanation of the art piece in question.



11 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 4: Brom

  1. Than you for sharing. I have a character who is an art collector, I noted a few pieces I know that she would like to have hanging in her home. I’m going to be spending some time on that website as I believe I could find some inspiration there…in a writing slump.

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    1. I’m glad this will be useful to you. I worked on the first draft yesterday of a story I have to submit today. I had the whole of yesterday to write and the words were slow to come. What I’ve written is utterly shit, but I’m reminded that it’s ok for the first draft to suck. I’m sorry about your slump, but as they say, the best medicine for that is more writing. Good luck!

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