#Art of Fantasy 17: Allen Williams

tumblr_n6q55vDSQq1r2p7cpo1_500On my Facebook timeline Saturday I saw a post by Brom asking people to support a project created by Iain McCaig. The project aims to help fund artist Allen Williams‘ cancer treatment which involves a tonsilectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, and cost about $50,000. Brom shared  a link to the Gate of Fire Fund page and if you follow the link you’ll find more information about the project’s goal and the artist himself.

I thought I would do my bit by featuring Allen’s art on my #Art of Fantasy series to spread the word, but I can tell you now, if you see what he does, you’ll realise quickly enough that this man’s talent speaks for itself. Far louder, in fact, than what I could hope to achieve with my words. So consider my post a gentle nudge in the right direction. Just make sure you’ve a tight hold on your sanity before you dig in.

Allen Williams is an award-winning illustrator, concept artist and writer who has applied his talents for over 25 years to a broad spectrum of media. From illustration for gaming companies, book covers, concept work for major motion pictures, as well as personal work on display in galleries and shows across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Some of Allen’s clients include Paramount, Lionsgate, Legendary Films, TOR Books, Hasbro, and even Guillermo del Toro who had this to say about Allen’s work:

Entire worlds flow from Allen Williams’ pencil and brush. Creatures and characters more twisted and full of humanity than our imagination dares to conjure. He is an incredible draughtsman and a true original mind.

Allen wrote his first book titled, The Witches’ Kitchen, which he also illustrated. Little Brown Books published The Witches’ Kitchen in 2010 with a German edition released in 2014. He is currently working on the second book in a three book series.

Below are a few of his illustrations and paintings. Although there were many to choose from, I selected those that really resonated with me and that I thought showcased Allen’s tremendous talent. As usual, if you click on each image it will take you to the source.


first spread



Maritime Guard








Check out Allen’s website where you’ll find more artwork to salivate over. And click through to the Gate of Fire Fund and support Allen, if you can, whether by donation or by sharing the link on your social network.



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