Indie Author Interview With Woelf Dietrich

Covers for Guardians of the SealsIndie Author Review has an interview up in which I answered a few questions, which is usually what happens when you do an interview (You’re probably thinking, “You don’t say!”). I talk about past and current writing projects, including my very first and overly ambitious attempt at historical fiction, which I never completed.

Plus, while you’re there, look around. Check out the other interviews. You might just discover someone new to read.

You can read the interview here.



4 thoughts on “Indie Author Interview With Woelf Dietrich

    1. Thanks! As for the writing advice, greater writers than me gave that advice and will give that advice long into the future. I’m just repeating it. Not everyone may agree on the blog issue, though, but that is fine. It works for me and I enjoy it greatly.


      1. I agree authors should have a blog in the world of today. I know authors complaining writers should only be supposed to write their stories.
        Ehhhh… I’m afraid those times are gone forever. The publishing industry is changing the light speed, there’s no point in moaning about how it used to be.


  1. We do what works for us, and not everyone is the same, which means not everyone will agree with this sentiment. But that is fine. We all have our own process. For me this blog is an extension of my writing and of my identity. It is my way of interacting with like-minded people and readers with whom I share things that interest me. I find great joy in doing that.


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