“The Dead God” and Other Updates

I want to update you guys on the projects I'm busy with this year, which I haven't really done, apart from cryptic mentions here and there. Last year I wrote a proposal for a game I called, "The Dead God". I based the premise on Slavic lore and it featured a hero named Krakus, veteran … Continue reading “The Dead God” and Other Updates

Indie Author Interview With Woelf Dietrich

Indie Author Review has an interview up in which I answered a few questions, which is usually what happens when you do an interview (You're probably thinking, "You don't say!"). I talk about past and current writing projects, including my very first and overly ambitious attempt at historical fiction, which I never completed. Plus, while … Continue reading Indie Author Interview With Woelf Dietrich

Amazing Stories | Indie Book Review: The Seals of Abgal

It's Friday morning here in New Zealand and this day just became gorgeous. This morning, like any other morning, I got up and made some coffee. I went outside, as I usually do, to light a cigarette and watch Stella chase birds around the garden, and enjoy my coffee. They steal her food so chasing … Continue reading Amazing Stories | Indie Book Review: The Seals of Abgal

I’ve Been Summoned

Early last week I received a tweet from Jessica West summoning me to a Blog Hop aptly titled, “I’ve Been Summoned”, which, as a consequence of being so tagged, resulted in today’s post. The summons entails me answering a few questions and then tagging the next hapless victim or two. I thought perhaps I could … Continue reading I’ve Been Summoned

The Morrígan: Some Historical Context

I like to play with mythology in my stories. To compare them and mix them and really dig into the histories of ancient civilizations from across our little world. You find interesting stories. Stories of old gods who had to destroy even older gods because they didn't like being told what to do or because … Continue reading The Morrígan: Some Historical Context

Cover Reveal: The Morrigan

As promised, here is the final cover for the second book in the Guardians of the Seals series, and it won’t be called The Worthless One, as previously indicated. Nope. As the story evolved so did the players and as they evolved so did my research, and what I discovered blew my mind away. But that is … Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Morrigan