#Art of Fantasy 18: John Buscema

d665be2f32fd4ec6e64792e1c2b4f5d2Today’s artist is the award-winning comic book illustrator and penciller, John Buscema. In my humble opinion, his run on Conan the Barbarian was the best there was, and thus, he qualifies to be mentioned here. And because I have so many fond memories from reading Conan and admiring Big John’s work, I thought it high time I introduce another aspect of my education to you. Buscemi did stints on Hulk, Wolverine, The Avengers, and pretty much every other Marvel title. He has a younger brother named, Sal, who is also a comic book artist.

I liked Buscema’s style in particular because he made Conan look savage and violent and brooding, and to me, that epitomised Howard’s Conan. Buscema, like other artists I admire, had a very distinct and easily recognisable style that raised him above the rest. It is always interesting to note how art impacts people in different ways, and in this case, I admired Buscema to the point of copying him.

Below are a few sketches I really like. Clicking on an image will take you to where I found that image.









Sadly, John Buscemi passed away in 2002 from cancer. He will forever be part of my creative history, responsible for many hours of reading and drawing enjoyment. Back then, when I still dreamed of being a comic book artist, I used to copy his style–or tried to–drawing my heroes bulky and aggressive, feet firmly planted wide, and a sneer or a scowl on their faces. All good memories, of course, because they inform your frame of reference and teach you.



4 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 18: John Buscema

  1. I don’t even know how many Conan cominc books by Buscema I have. I particularly like the ones he inked himself, because they are so essential anche dynamic. You could almost see the characters moving 🙂


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