“The Dead God” and Other Updates

I want to update you guys on the projects I'm busy with this year, which I haven't really done, apart from cryptic mentions here and there. Last year I wrote a proposal for a game I called, "The Dead God". I based the premise on Slavic lore and it featured a hero named Krakus, veteran … Continue reading “The Dead God” and Other Updates

#Art of Fantasy 3

I told Jessica West I'd go dark with the next installment of #Art of Fantasy, but then I discovered Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick. As Irish lore is a fundamental part of the fabric of The Morrigan I thought it a good idea to showcase some of this artist's work. You'll find his style as unique … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 3

I’ve Been Summoned

Early last week I received a tweet from Jessica West summoning me to a Blog Hop aptly titled, “I’ve Been Summoned”, which, as a consequence of being so tagged, resulted in today’s post. The summons entails me answering a few questions and then tagging the next hapless victim or two. I thought perhaps I could … Continue reading I’ve Been Summoned

Update on #MakeKensDay Book Bomb

A quick update on #MakeKensDay. Calling it a success is too mild a statement to explain the results. People tweeted, blogged, facebooked, google +ed,  and shared like crazy. We even had a boost from bestselling author, Larry Correia, when he blogged about the book bomb. Thank you Larry! At one stage Godhead's Amazon ranking was at … Continue reading Update on #MakeKensDay Book Bomb

#MakeKensDay: The Ken Mooney Book Bomb | Prose Before Ho Hos

I always whine about time. Even I get sick of hearing myself complain. Yet, it feels like time is moving faster these days. So, I try to write faster, but first I have to do this thing, and then that thing. Okay, done. Let's get writing. Hold on, phone is ringing. Quickly! Answer it before … Continue reading #MakeKensDay: The Ken Mooney Book Bomb | Prose Before Ho Hos

The Morrígan: Some Historical Context

I like to play with mythology in my stories. To compare them and mix them and really dig into the histories of ancient civilizations from across our little world. You find interesting stories. Stories of old gods who had to destroy even older gods because they didn't like being told what to do or because … Continue reading The Morrígan: Some Historical Context

A Plot Reveal of Sorts and an Excerpt From The Worthless One

I will write a proper blurb for The Worthless One once I have completed it. As the story is still evolving I am only able to present you with a plot reveal of sorts. It follows the events in The Seals of Abgal and is part of the Guardians of the Seals series. Sebastian Kaine … Continue reading A Plot Reveal of Sorts and an Excerpt From The Worthless One