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A1jcgi-pb9L._SL1500_I always whine about time. Even I get sick of hearing myself complain. Yet, it feels like time is moving faster these days. So, I try to write faster, but first I have to do this thing, and then that thing. Okay, done. Let’s get writing. Hold on, phone is ringing. Quickly! Answer it before the baby wakes up. Shit! Too late. Oops, baby’s nappy needs changing. Damn, look at the time. Almost time to fetch the kids at school. And so it goes, day in, and day out. I plan the day as best I can. I usually synchronize events. I know when I’ll have the kids ready for school, when the little one will take her early morning nap, when is bathing time, up and until the moment my wife comes home from work, but by then I can forget about writing, because we have to get dinner ready and I have to do homework with my oldest. At least the kids are all bathed, and I did remember to get a kiss from my wife, which is always nice.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a chunk of whining. See, the thing is, through all of this I assume tomorrow will happen. I assume I will wake up and do the things I usually do. I’ll get those lovely morning hugs from my kids when they jump in bed with us, and I’ll have my first cup of coffee in quiet comfort when I go outside on the veranda to watch the breaking dawn. Each morning I’ll stand there, look at the brilliant orange and pink painted across the horizon and I’ll plan my day, plan my writing, and I rejoice with the promise of it.

And I forget I’m mortal. I may ponder life and death, but I usually do it in terms of storytelling. I get so embroiled in my thoughts I forget to take stock of the now. What if there is no tomorrow? What if something happens to me during the night and I never wake up again? My dad died of heart disease at 52. I’ve lost my grandmother and an uncle to cancer. Life is short and I tend to forget how short or how abruptly it all can end.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’ve recently learned from my good friend Ryan Williamson that his friend, fellow author,Ken Mooney, suffered a seizure on May 21, 2014. It happened during the night and came out of nowhere, as these things usually do. It turned out to be more serious than what Ken tried to laugh off. CT scans and an MRI revealed a tumor in his brain. News like that hits you in the face like a brick. You can imagine the emotional turmoil that followed, for Ken, for his loved ones.

A lot of things happened since then, most all of them good. The doctors were able to remove the tumor and Ken returned home yesterday from hospital. I’m told he put on a brave face during the whole ordeal, but 2013-04-06 15.22.21those close to him could see the strain in his eyes. Time had dragged by for Ken and his loved ones, but it ended in hope. A new dawn broke the stranglehold of fear and gloom that had kept them hostage these last two weeks. There’s now a new promise of life, deeply etched in Technicolor clarity across a virgin sky, and we want to keep it that way.

Because Ken is recuperating after the operation and won’t be able to write for a while, Ryan thought it a good idea to do a Book Bomb for him. We are authors and “Get Well” cards are fine, but bombing the crap out of a friend’s book is the best way to make them feel better and this is the aim of today’s blog post.

Ken’s book Godhead, the first book in The Last Olympiad Series, is available on Amazon for just $1.78 for the Kindle version. Not a bad price for 400+ pages of pure awesome. I’ve bought a copy and I tell you his use of imagery rocks, and that is putting it mildly. If you first want to test Ken’s voice, you’re welcome to read two short stories for free on his website. The first is a prelude to Godhead, called The Fall of Bacchus, and its sequel, The Libations. They will give you a good idea of his style, and voice, as well as introduce you to the world itself.

You can follow Ken on Twitter (@kenmooney). You’ll enjoy his sense of humor. Ryan (@wryson) says you won’t be sorry, and I trust Ryan. You can also find Ken on Facebook, if you prefer to visit him there.

Please feel free to share this post however you like. The whole point is to #MakeKensDay. We want the whole tumor ordeal to fade to the background for Ken as he watches his book dance on the Interweb. We believe this will cheer him up mightily when he sees all the attention Godhead receives. The more he sees that hash tag, the better. When sharing to Twitter, please be sure to mention @kenmooney. Ryan wants to #MakeKensDay the best day ever. In fact, this whole thing started with him. Check out his post below, and get his perspective on Ken’s inspiring story. You’ll find a broader background on Ken’s life and writing, and discover that he is indeed the nicest guy ever.

#MakeKensDay: The Ken Mooney Book Bomb | Prose Before Ho Hos.

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