Update on #MakeKensDay Book Bomb

A quick update on #MakeKensDay. Calling it a success is too mild a statement to explain the results. People tweeted, blogged, facebooked, google +ed,  and shared like crazy. We even had a boost from bestselling author, Larry Correia, when he blogged about the book bomb. Thank you Larry! At one stage Godhead's Amazon ranking was at … Continue reading Update on #MakeKensDay Book Bomb

#MakeKensDay: The Ken Mooney Book Bomb | Prose Before Ho Hos

I always whine about time. Even I get sick of hearing myself complain. Yet, it feels like time is moving faster these days. So, I try to write faster, but first I have to do this thing, and then that thing. Okay, done. Let's get writing. Hold on, phone is ringing. Quickly! Answer it before … Continue reading #MakeKensDay: The Ken Mooney Book Bomb | Prose Before Ho Hos