Update on #MakeKensDay Book Bomb

A quick update on #MakeKensDay. Calling it a success is too mild a statement to explain the results. People tweeted, blogged, facebooked, google +ed,  and shared like crazy. We even had a boost from bestselling author, Larry Correia, when he blogged about the book bomb. Thank you Larry!

At one stage Godhead’s Amazon ranking was at #931 in the Kindle Store. And in the subcategories: #2 in Fantasy – New Adult & College, #9 in Genre Fiction – Horror – Dark Fantasy, and 14# in Literature & Fiction – Horror – Dark Fantasy.

Not bad. Not bad at all. And this is Godhead’s ranking today, almost four days later:


Godhead is still in a very strong position. Thank you, guys. Thank you to everyone who jumped in and helped. You are all awesome. Oh, and yes, it did make Ken’s day. In a huge way.

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