#Art of Fantasy 101: Kirill Novoseltsev

kirill-novoseltsevWe go dark this week with the artist, Kirill Novoseltsev. Kirill lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and his art is different and strange. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about him and my Russian is non-existent. I can tell you that I love his style and tone. You have dark fantastical elements here mixed with a classical approach.

Anyway, check out the small selection I have chosen for you. Enjoy!













look, there is no denying his work is weird. Really weird and rife with symbolism and references to Slavic lore. We also have some fan art here for the book version of the Witcher. I love the texture Kirill uses in his work and the color composition is complicated and detailed. He squeezes in so much detail you have to take a few moments just to notice everything, and even then you’re guaranteed to have missed something.

I have featured a few artists from Russia and Poland on here and I have found it utterly fascinating how wayward their styles appear in contrast to other artists.  The imagery and symbols are more nightmarish and dark, with classic undertones and a color palette consisting of predominantly browns and variants of mustard and a rusted version of red, or maybe it’s more apt to compare it to dried blood. Not everyone will like Kirill’s work, and to be honest, it’s definitely not “pretty” art, but there is something else here that is deep and eternal and profoundly sad.

And that is all from me for this week. Next week I’ll have more news on my stories in Armistice.




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