#Art of Fantasy 101: Kirill Novoseltsev

We go dark this week with the artist, Kirill Novoseltsev. Kirill lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and his art is different and strange. Unfortunately, I don't know much about him and my Russian is non-existent. I can tell you that I love his style and tone. You have dark fantastical elements here mixed with a classical approach. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 101: Kirill Novoseltsev

#Art of Fantasy 71: Edward Delandre

Edward Delandre is a 2D character artist living in Lyon, France. His work is weird and dark and that is awesome. Below is a small sampling of his work. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy! It's funny how my two art posts sometimes overlap. Today's post on Kosa Press feature's a … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 71: Edward Delandre

#Art of Fantasy 13: Vance Kovacs

I discovered Vance Kovacs when I searched for information on my previous #Art of Fantasy's entry, Justin Sweet. Kovacs is an artist, illustrator, and designer for games, film, publishing and theme parks, and his clients include Disney, Epic Games, Warner Bros, Paramount, Trion Worlds, Wizards of the Coast and many others. His tone and style … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 13: Vance Kovacs