#Art of Fantasy 74: Dariusz Zawadzki

legion_iv_by_22zddr-da38r73It would probably have been more correct if I called this post “Art of Surrealism.” However, if you consider the themes and tone of the paintings below, they still possess elements of fantasy, albeit dark and gloomy ones.

Dariusz Zawadzki is a self-taught artist and one of the more popular painters of contemporary fantasy and surreal art. Born in Szczecin in the northwest of Poland, Dariusz started painting at an early age and has stated the source for his inspiration as dreams and visions and emotions, or more specifically, a yearning to explore altered realities.

Below is a small sampling of his work. Each image links back to where I found it. Enjoy!













As a child Dariusz had an unusual sensitivity to the world around him and art allowed him to channel the chaotic emotions this hypersensitivity caused. At eleven he wanted to attend art school but was told his poor eyesight would impede him. Driven by a strong urge to explore the surreal worlds from his visions and dreams, Dariusz continued to paint and developed his skill on his own over time. As you’ll note, his style is quite unique and it comes as no surprise that he is also considered an artist in the great tradition of contemporary Polish masters, such as Zdzislaw Beksinski. Dariusz has a huge international following online.

He paints with a mixture of oils and acrylics and his compositions are primarily monochromatic or duo-chromatic. Part surrealism, part dieselpunk, and part dark fantasy, his paintings are evocative and powerful and they give you some insight into the mind of the artist. An insight that, for me, creates only more questions. I am also fascinated by Zdzislaw Beksinski’s art and it’s eerie the similarities in their work, both in terms of style and theme. Dread pervades throughout all of their paintings and the dull color composition used by both only strengthens the overall sense of gloom.

I’m dying to hear what you think of today’s artist. Let me know in the comments. Also, you’ll find this week’s Art of Science Fiction here.




5 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 74: Dariusz Zawadzki

  1. Absolutely stunning! This is such different matter than we normally see in this series. I really like the sense… I don’t know how to say. The sensations these paintings creates in my mind. _They seem to guide you on uncharted paths.

    Well, the hisotry of this artist tells once again how school is so unfit to help young people on their true way. That’s so depressing….


    1. I love this artist. He is awesome and if you have so much talent, school won’t do you any good. Of course training and courses can help in general, but at the end of the day, if you are willing and able and determined, nothing will stand in your way. When it comes to writing the best training is reading and writing. I think you learn much more from other writers than you do in the classroom.


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