SFFWorld.com: The Setbacks and Joys of Universe Building by M.J. Kelley

UnknownM.J. Kelly, publisher and founder of Kōsa Press, wrote an article for SFFWorld.com, one of the oldest genre websites featuring the best in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. In the article, Kelley talks about writers staying true to their vision when creating a universe from the ground up and he also explains the hurdles and pitfalls that might keep writers from realizing their goals.

From the article:

There is something behind a storyworld that gives it power and allows readers to connect with its qualities in a waking dream-like state. It’s a thing that gives the reader intimate access and immersion in the world. It’s the same thing the writer taps into that allows him or her to create a bridge between the reader and the storyworld. This is what makes a superman story a superman story no matter who writes it. As long as the vision is clearly accessible to both writer and reader, the stories will have a natural cohesion and through-line.


The vision is the quality that gives the storyworld meaning. It is the door that readers enter. It is the dream-state pill they swallow. It is the point of connection. The thing both the writer sees by means of creation and the reader by means of reading. It’s intangible. Purely experiential.

So go over to SFFWorld.com and read Staying True to the Vision: The Setbacks and Joys of Universe Building. It’s a good article about the birthing process of Interspecies and about how we had to streamline our focus on the overlap or intersection between the stories without sacrificing storytelling or disrupting the integrity of the shared universe.

And remember,  Interspecies is only 99c on Amazon until June 7th.




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