Interspecies is a Best Seller in Science Fiction Anthologies

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For the moment, anyway. These lists get updated hourly, I’m told. I woke this morning with a message that Interspecies reached the top 10 in both “Science Fiction Anthologies” and “Science Fiction Anthologies & Short Stories.” Then Someone told me we were in the top five of the “Hot New Releases” on Amazon.

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I’m on my second cup of coffee this morning and yes, my smile is still touching my earlobes. Thank you so much, folks. And if you look at the reviews, readers are loving the collection:

This was a highly enjoyable read, which I was compelled to complete in a single sitting.

Babylon’s Song (Woelf Dietrich) – What a great story. and Samantha was a great character, as was Master Zocht.

Beautifully written. Rich prose jumps off the page as you read, and each author is as good as the next.

A complete delight to play in a world so thoughtfully and deeply crafted. Challenged my thinking and my emotions. Great read!

I really enjoyed my time with these stories; reading them was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. If you enjoy thinking about fictional cultures in fantasy or sci-fi I would definitely check this out.

What a refreshing collection of original and exciting science fiction stories.

Holy crap this was good!

I’ve taken the first lines of some of the reviews we received. We’re sitting at twenty reviews so far. You can go check them out here.

I’ve not much left to say except, thank you for supporting us, for supporting our stories. For supporting our painstakingly built shared universe. Knowing our readers are loving it causes such a great swell of emotion, it’s difficult to focus. I should stop snorting pixie dust.

A smiling Woelf


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