Interlude: The Benefits of Failure by J.K. Rowling

A quick interlude. My regular “Art of Fantasy” post will follow in a few minutes.

I discovered an oldish speech by J.K. Rowling on the “Benefits of Failure” and her explanation of how rock bottom can serve as a solid foundation resonated deeply with me as a writer, and for that reason, I am sharing it with you. The fear of failure is constant. I doubt it ever goes away for a writer. However, I agree with Rowling in that failure does strip away inessential things. Failure is inevitable. Failure is not the end, though. It’s the beginning.

Failing, as hard and as painful as it can be sometimes, does not destroy you. You alone have that power. Which means you must also have the power to take failure and mold it into something that can bring you success. I think once you accept failure as inevitable, everything else is a bonus.

Good luck!



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