#Art of Fantasy 31: Stepan Alekseev

9_finalStepan Alekseev, is a digital artist based in Yakutsk, Russia, as far as I am aware. I had difficulty finding more background information on the artist. Apart from his obvious talent, he seemed to have done a bit of work as concept artist for a few game companies and considering his enormous talent, I am not surprised at his popularity.

The dark tones and muted colours in his paintings hide a fiery energy underneath the surface that ripples with barely contained thunder and violence. You know what I’m talking about, right? They remind me of those haunted paintings that come alive when you turn your back on them.

Stepan is yet another artist whose work seem so dark, you convince yourself they are snapshots from the underworld.

Below are a few samples. If you click on any of these images it will take you to the artist’s gallery. Enjoy!












A bit of a gloomy post today, but nevertheless powerful in theme. Don’t forget to jump over to Kōsa Press for the third edition of #Art of Science Fiction. I’m featuring another legend today.


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