#Art of Fantasy 57: George Redreev

1288583_largeI have something different again for you today. George Redreev is a freelance artist, illustrator, and character designer from Chelyabinsk, Russia, and his art is quite… er, colorful.

You know I love gritty, textured dark art, but there is also a side of me that likes the cutesy element, the fairy fantasy, the wonder and awe of a Neverland-like utopia. It reminds me of a time of innocence when I was young and Peter Pan was the most awesomest superhero ever. Yeah, I know, don’t ask.

So today’s post pays homage to the wonder and awe of youth. I love George’s hybrid animals and his vibrant color composition, and if you zoom in on any of his paintings you’ll note how extremely detailed they are. I’ve also included a video where George shows you his process via a speed-drawing session.

As is usual, below is a sampling of the artist’s work and each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy!









And just to show that I did not go completely over to the light side, here are some somber-looking pieces by the same artist.



Like I said, Peter Pan truly was my first superhero until I discovered the ones with muscles from DC and Marvel comics. I suppose I still have a soft spot for the character, but adult interpretations of what Peter Pan and Neverland “actually” represent and/or what the author, J.M. Barrie, “actually” meant with the stories–according to those who never met him–kinda spoiled the dream-fantasy for me. It’s sad really, the world is far too a cynical place these days to let things stay simple and clean.

I hope you liked today’s collection. Tell me about your childhood fantasies, about the elements that fuelled your sense of wonder and awe. Oh, and before I forget, this week I have a dystopian/apocalyptic theme for ‘Art of Science Fiction‘ over on Kōsa Press. Yes, if you want cynical and morose, which is the opposite of today’s post, go check it out!




2 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 57: George Redreev

  1. Well, this is really different. Not really my stuff, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
    I really really liked the video.

    You know? Peter Pan was one of my first heroes too. A fantasy story, one of the very first I read that got me into the genre. Though afterward, I tended to like Alice in Wonderland more… and I still do.


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