#Art of Fantasy 64: Fenghua Zhong

Prepare your eyeballs. Fenghua Zhong hails from the coastal city of Xiamen in China. He is an illustrator, concept artist and instructor at the E-Art School of Design he helped found. Below you'll find mind-blowing paintings showcasing cosmic battles between gods and monsters and weird animal creatures. Fenghua is ridiculously talented so make sure you have … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 64: Fenghua Zhong

#Art of Fantasy 63: Christoph Peters Von Sperling

I have another wonderful artist for you today. Christoph Peters Von Sperling hails from Chile and is one of those artists that make you swivel your head every time you see his work. Below is a small sampling of Christoph's work. Each image links back to the gallery of origin. Enjoy! In retrospect, "wonderful" might be … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 63: Christoph Peters Von Sperling

#Art of Fantasy 62: Kekai Kotaki

Born and raised on the island of Hawaii, Kekai Kotaki's passion for art started at a very young age. According to his biography, he found the sunshine and beautiful scenery of Hawaii distracting so he moved to dreary Seattle to attend art school. After graduating, he found a job at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 62: Kekai Kotaki

#Art of Fantasy 61: Brad Rigney

Brad Rigney, also known as Cryptcrawler, is a freelance concept artist and yes, he'll knock your socks off or send a chill down your spine, or both, and in that order. Brad worked on Halo Reach and Halo Cost, Magic the Gathering, and Legend of the Cryptids as you'll obviously see from some of the … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 61: Brad Rigney

Guest Blog by Sarah Zama: Fantasy’s Love Affair with History

I have given my blog to another writer for today. Her name is Sarah Zama and she is an author and bookseller from Verona (Italy). Sarah has always been surrounded by books, especially fantasy ones, and she recently found a home in the dieselpunk community where she is quite the active participant. Sarah is working … Continue reading Guest Blog by Sarah Zama: Fantasy’s Love Affair with History

#Art of Fantasy 60: Kan Liu

Kan Liu is an Illustrator and digital artist from Shanghai, China. The paintings I have chosen here reflect my interests in fantasy, whether it be board game or novel, and showcases this young artist's incredible range. If you are in need of some fantasy magic, Kan is available for commissions and you can contact him here. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 60: Kan Liu