#Art of Fantasy 60: Kan Liu

kan-liu-666k-in-the-forest1920Kan Liu is an Illustrator and digital artist from Shanghai, China. The paintings I have chosen here reflect my interests in fantasy, whether it be board game or novel, and showcases this young artist’s incredible range. If you are in need of some fantasy magic, Kan is available for commissions and you can contact him here.

Below is a small sampling of the artist’s work. Each image links back to the corresponding gallery. Enjoy!












I love the colors and detail in his paintings. There is a vibrancy there that makes you excited when you look at his work. Kan is one of those artists who use dynamic lighting expertly and the effect is dramatic and eye-catching and creates an ambiance perfect for the intended setting. If you talk about the spirit of fantasy you only have to look at Kan’s paintings. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Remember to check out my Art of Science Fiction post for this week over at Kõsa Press. I’m featuring another stunning artist.

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