#Art of Fantasy 56: Aaron Nakahara

aaron-nakahara-dakrlordriseslAll the artists I feature on here are phenomenal and stand out in a crowd, but every now and again I find an artist who even rises above that, and Aaron Nakahara is one of those artists and you’ll agree with me when you see his work. He blows me away. He’ll blow you away. There is so much savage power in his paintings, so much contained energy, it’s like the composition bleeds and bubble from the strain. And yet, I find myself perplexed because I also see a quiet elegance in his work.

Aaron is a freelance artist who calls himself a faux game designer, family man, lover of stars and science,  and is apparently always smiling, which I don’t doubt. Given the intensity of his paintings, the emotional release from painting them must be fantastic. And, by pure coincidence, Aaron is also on Patreon. If you click this link it will take you to his page where you can learn more about the artist and his work. It’s well worth the visit so if I were you I’d click on over.

Below are a few examples of what I’m babbling about. Each image links back to the artist’s gallery. Enjoy!















Aaron uses a lot of detail in his paintings but they are hidden under layers of color and composition, which at first sight, seem to have been roughly applied and put together during a mad dash of inspiration, but this is where the magic really starts.

You feel the details more than you see them. Only when you’ve calmed down and you view his paintings soberly do you notice it. The thing is when you look through a lens of calmness at chaos you see all these tiny parts that make up the core. So when you start peeling away the layers of composition, you see the barely containable awesome energy that pulses there at the heart of Aaron’s paintings and you finally realise the quiet elegance you’ve noticed before is in fact, order fighting against chaos. Each of his paintings is a battle between these two opposing forces and that is why they are so intense.

I’m clearly enamoured by the artist’s style and I’m unashamed. Let me know your thoughts below. I’m dying to read them.



6 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 56: Aaron Nakahara

      1. Yo Woelf! 😀
        Awesome art. I love art in all its varying forms. I have not yet read your article, but I will. And I’m sure I’ll have a comment or two. Glad you wrote this, and made me aware of this great artist. :o)

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  1. This is probably oen of the best artist you’ve featured here. Well, he certainly is one of my favourite. Such raw strenght in here. I lvoe the colours, the light, the row brush. It’s absolutely fantastic.
    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


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