#Art of Fantasy 38: Tianhua Xu


Tianhua Xu is a Chinese freelance artist and art director at Chiyan Workshop in Beijing.

The collection here presents a mixture of Chinese lore, games and fantasy art. I love the smooth and fine textures used in each painting. It gives an organic feel to the work. Even tree bark and splintered beams seem fluid. Xu’s color composition jumps from vibrant to pale and subtle, sometimes even earthy. A truly gifted artist, Xu’s paintings makes you want to touch them, or at the very least, find out the story behind them.

As usual, below you’ll find a choice selection of art with each image linking back to the artist’s gallery. Enjoy!











Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and remember, my latest #Art of Science Fiction post is up over at Kōsa Press’ blog.

I might have some news to report later this week. Stay tuned.



4 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 38: Tianhua Xu

  1. I really like this artist!
    I love that first blue and golden picture, I don’t really know why. There’s a sense of calm about it, and I live the way colours are balanced.

    I really like the subjects of these pictures too. They are kind of different from the once I usually see in your collections.


    1. This collection is unique in terms of subject matter, but not dramatically so. The fantasy elements are still present but because we see unknown characters painted the way these are, taking into consideration the tone and texture and subtle colors, the result feels wholly original and novel. Thanks for commenting.

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