Art of Fantasy 36 – Wei Feng


I want to introduce you to Wei Feng. He is a concept designer and illustration artist from Shangai, China and has worked as an artist full-time for over 14 years. Information on him in English is sparse and my inability to understand Mandarin doesn’t help, either. I do know that he is involved with Elements of Power Studio as you’ll note from the collection I’ve posted here.

I love the mystical elements in his paintings and his use of ornate patterns in the armor, and the soft and fine detail in facial expressions are exquisite. Combine his subject-matter with the use of muted dark colors and you have a very particular tone and style. If I have to describe Feng’s style in one sentence, I’d say it’s classic meets dark fantasy. Yeah, I know. I never said I’m a connoisseur. Just that I like art a lot.

As usual, below is a choice selection of images by the artist. Each image is linked to where I found it. Enjoy!













Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also, remember to visit my #Art of Science Fiction post over on Kōsa Press. It’s live right now.



2 thoughts on “Art of Fantasy 36 – Wei Feng

  1. Fantastic! You’re right, there is something very unique and kind of unusual in the way this artist uses fecial expression. It convays a lot about the subject.
    And I really like the tones he uses.

    My favourite is the woman with the whip. I like the movement of the image and her expression of determination.


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