#Art of Fantasy 64: Fenghua Zhong

Prepare your eyeballs. Fenghua Zhong hails from the coastal city of Xiamen in China. He is an illustrator, concept artist and instructor at the E-Art School of Design he helped found. Below you'll find mind-blowing paintings showcasing cosmic battles between gods and monsters and weird animal creatures. Fenghua is ridiculously talented so make sure you have … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 64: Fenghua Zhong

#Art of Fantasy 38: Tianhua Xu

Tianhua Xu is a Chinese freelance artist and art director at Chiyan Workshop in Beijing. The collection here presents a mixture of Chinese lore, games and fantasy art. I love the smooth and fine textures used in each painting. It gives an organic feel to the work. Even tree bark and splintered beams seem fluid. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 38: Tianhua Xu