The Pit by Wifelier Docht

Log-entry-graphic-500Here is my latest log entry for Wifelier Docht over on The Collective SF:

My Embrosis-ladled brain keeps me a prisoner in my body. Not that it matters much for I’m physically tethered to the innards of a living machine. I am slave-scribe to a supernatural entity known only as the God-Machine. I have been its captive for over 300 years.

I once attempted escape by pulling at the cable fixed to the back of my head. I should not have done that.

In the spark of a nanosecond, I found myself immersed to the waist in a pit of filth. The putrid stink of it burned my nostrils and made my eyes water. My body revolted against the hellish miasma and bile pushed up my throat. Red flesh-eating worms crawled from the primordial soup of shit and slithered across my arms and chest boring into me, ripping through my skin and gnawing their way to my intestines. I clawed at them with desperate fingers, yanking one after the other, but for every one of these vile creatures I pulled two more drilled into me. The pain was unbearable and I screamed.

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