#Blog Polling Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in my poll. I'm pleased to discover you want me to regularly write about forgotten mythology. On the other hand, I'm surprised you folks are interested in my "inner turmoil." "Writing Adventures" came in third and that is fine because I've written about it on and off since I started … Continue reading #Blog Polling Results

Writing Update for 2017

I'm in the midst of editing a fantasy short story I'm submitting to Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I'm behind on schedule already. Right now it's sitting at 30k words and I'm in the process of cutting it down to 11k, which is the maximum allowed for submission to the magazine. I'm also in the process of … Continue reading Writing Update for 2017

Guest Blog by Sarah Zama: Fantasy’s Love Affair with History

I have given my blog to another writer for today. Her name is Sarah Zama and she is an author and bookseller from Verona (Italy). Sarah has always been surrounded by books, especially fantasy ones, and she recently found a home in the dieselpunk community where she is quite the active participant. Sarah is working … Continue reading Guest Blog by Sarah Zama: Fantasy’s Love Affair with History

The Pit by Wifelier Docht

Here is my latest log entry for Wifelier Docht over on The Collective SF: "My Embrosis-ladled brain keeps me a prisoner in my body. Not that it matters much for I’m physically tethered to the innards of a living machine. I am slave-scribe to a supernatural entity known only as the God-Machine. I have been … Continue reading The Pit by Wifelier Docht

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I've been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Fia Essen. I feel truly honored and I thank her. Unfortunately, my workload is rather heavy at the moment with various deadlines looming and I won't be able to participate in any meaningful way. As such, it would be unfair of me to accept the … Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger Award