From Dark Fantasy to Science Fiction: My Kōsa Press Interview

Mini-Anthology-Final-1I did an interview over at Kōsa Press. The questions were interesting and non-standard and I had fun answering them. I think you might enjoy reading it.

Here is an excerpt:

KPT: One main component of the universe portrayed in These Broken Worlds and Interspecies is not a lot of the Earth is habitable anymore. Many of the aliens and humans live in Australia and New Zealand. How did being from this part of the world help with constructing your stories?

WD: It was really nice to have the stories take place here. I live in New Zealand so of course I made sure that a big part of my story took place here. Knowing your own country–its topography, cities and buildings, and so on–helps with setting and makes visualization much easier. You also discover a few new things you didn’t know. For instance, you’d think that with all the earthquakes here, underground tunnels wouldn’t even be considered practical, and yet, during the second World War a network of tunnels were dug beneath Auckland to serve as air raid shelters. They’ve since been sealed off, but the fact that they exist is amazing. And they were well made, too. So of course I had to use them in “The Last Devil.”

If you want to read the rest of the interview, click here. I hope you do, of course. I discuss the importance of “wonder” in storytelling, my military experience, flash fiction writing, and my experience writing in multiple genres. I also mention two fantasy projects.




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