#SciFi: The God Machine (A Free Short Story From The Collective)

img_1784Yesterday I shared with you the release of These Broken Worlds. Today I’m sharing The Collective’s first release, a short story titled The God-Machine. I am not a contributor in this instance, but I will be in coming releases. The God-Machine introduces readers to a universe where slave scribes produce data for a supernatural entity to create life and record history.

From the Amazon description:

Areva dreams of the day when he will become a Scribe and contribute to The Collective – the tethered souls, connected to the God-Machine. The Scribes write the Universe into Existence, and it’s Areva’s destiny to join them. But as his time draws near, he hesitates. Perhaps the God-Machine serves a darker purpose.

Dare I mention that it’s free right now. Yes, it would seem this week I am the bearer of much good news. So, click on over to Amazon and get your free copy. If you want to leave a review as thanks, we won’t mind at all, of course. And, if you want to be notified of further new releases from The Collective, maybe you should subscribe to our newsletter. You can’t really lose here and you’re gaining so much more.



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