#Art of Fantasy 119: Chris Cold

My Art of Fantasy artist this week paints with darkness and brings to life stories from the world below where nameless creatures of forgotten lore dwell. They seek liberation, these vile beasts from the Void. They want to enter the light and stain it with their rot. Beware!

Digital painter, Chris Cold lives in Los Angeles and keeps himself busy with a variety of creative projects like book and album covers, posters, conceptualizations for games and movies, and storyboards. Chris’ paintings and illustrations tell stories and they do so in a visceral way. I love his style. It’s dark with vibrant colors applied subtly. Just enough to shed light on a world hidden in the shadows.

Below is a small sampling of his work. Feast your eyes and enjoy.

And now for something more dystopian industrial. Can I say it like that?

If you want to know more about Chris or want to hire him for a book cover, click here for more information.

And that is all from me for now. Have a grand weekend.


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