Pulptastic StoryHack, Issue Zero is Here!

I want to introduce you to a new up-and-coming literary magazine this week. StoryHack Action & Adventure is a modern-day pulp magazine that celebrates pulse-pounding fiction that is fun to read and crosses the genre divide in creative ways. Publisher and editor, Bryce A Beattie’s goal is to develop the magazine into a pro-rate paying market. The idea is to give away issue Zero and then crowdfund issue One.

Here is the lineup for issue Zero, and what a lineup it is. In alphabetical order:

If you’re into action and adventure, heroic thriller, and sword and sorcery then this magazine is for you. Hell, it even has a werewolf PI. If you don’t read pulp, haven’t yet read pulp, or don’t know what it is, try it out. I guarantee you’ll get blown out of the water or your socks, or both.

If you want your free copy of StoryHack Zero, click here.


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