#Art of Fantasy 118: Jakub Rebelka

Polish artist, Jakub Rebelka works as a freelance illustrator and comics creator. He specializes in both digital and traditional mediums and has created illustrations for games like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Shadow Warrior.  My understanding is that he is working with writer Yohan Radomski on a fantasy graphic novel titled City of Dogs. Jakub is also well-known and quite popular in his home country for painting a variety of public murals, specifically in Gdansk, Sopot, Warsaw, and Bremen.

As with most writers, Jakub has his own list of masters he relies on for inspiration. Specifically, in this case, French comic artist Moebius and Akira artist Katsuhiro Otomo. Closer to home he mentions Polish painter Stanislaw Szukalski as another source of influence. However, the biggest of them all is his father who, in Jakub’s own words, “had taught him everything.”

Below is a small sampling for your enjoyment. Check it out!

I love Jakub’s distinctive style. It combines comic book illustration with an old school ambiance and something else I can’t put my finger on, though Moebius’ influence strongly features. If you want to see more of Jakub’s art, visit him on Tumblr or his gallery here.

That is all from me for this week or until I find some more words to share.


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