#Art of Fantasy 116: Simon Eckert

This week’s fantasy artist comes from Germany. Simon Eckert is a freelance concept artist and illustrator and you’ll note that we’ve entered the realm of light with this one because sometimes we have to. We can’t spend too much time in the darkness and shadows. Every now and again we have to take a break. Simon’s illustrations are visually stunning, and though some of them lack the grim seriousness you’d find in the usual art I post, they’re still very much fantasy, elaborate, and colorful.

I have collected a small sampling of his work for you. Fix your eyes below and consume to your heart’s delight.

You can find more of Simon’s stunning visuals here.

And don’t forget, I published Part 1 of Obscure Tales: The Horned Demon and the Magic Sword on my blog this week. Go read it and let me know what you think.



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