#Art of Fantasy 66: Josu Hernaiz

tumblr_num9oyjmUm1r2nf8uo1_1280I’ve been meaning to showcase this artist for a while now. Normally I look for gritty warriors and monsters and fantastic worlds, but every now and again I’ll find someone whose talent is so extraordinary, so captivating, it forces you to take note and I think today’s artist is just such a candidate.

Josu Hernaiz is a concept artist and illustrator from Santiago, Chile, and as you’ll soon see, he has rather a unique visual style. Then again, with clients like Wizards of the Coast and Magic the Gathering to name but a few, it’s no surprise to find that “unique” doesn’t even begin to describe this artist’s talent.

Below is a small collection of his work. Each image links back to the gallery of origin. Enjoy!








You’ll remember the one above from the Game of Thrones Special I did last year.





Smooth lines, a muted palette with a splash of gold light, and beautifully realised characters allow Josu to create paintings that are mesmerizing and a feast for hungry eyes. His work is stylish and clean and seems to lean towards photorealism with an overall classical approach. The result is simply stunning.

Josu’s paintings are emotionally moving and exude a quiet power that strains against the canvas (whether digital or otherwise). The added fantasy setting only serves to highlight his style choices and, I think, heightens the emotional impact on the viewer.

I’d hang his paintings on my wall any day. And in my office. Especially in my office.

Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to check out my latest Art of Science Fiction post over on Kōsa Press.

Cheers, folks!



4 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 66: Josu Hernaiz

  1. Hi Woelf! Sorry I disappeared for so long. April was crazy, just crazy. But I’m trying to catch up with everything… bit by bit.

    This is a fantastic illustrator. I love the way he uses colours and the dynamics of light and colour.
    I especially like the female subjects 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome back! I missed you! 🙂 A bunch of stuff is happening this side, too. Interspecies releases this month. I’m doing the cover reveal for it tomorrow over on Kōsa Press.


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