#Art of Fantasy 8: Terese Nielsen

d02bdd491591498f84c07c237380ec72I am late this week. I’ve been working on the first draft of a story that had to get finished this week and I just finished it. It’s a short story that became a novella by accident. It’s a novella that wants to be a novel. Time will tell whether this ambitious story will get its wish.

As for today’s #Art of Fantasy artist. I have not heard of Terese Nielsen before last week nor have I seen her work until recently. I have chosen her because she is simply stunning. Her art is dreamy and different. Her style is distinctly unique, and her imagery quite literally from beyond this world.

Here are some choice pieces. Each picture links back to the artist’s website.








Hope you enjoyed today’s #Art of Fantasy. let me know in the comments what you thought.



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