My Old Coffee Mug is Gone Forever

1016571_674409812601128_1612244314_nI’ve sad news.

My toddler broke my coffee mug. It was black and square-shaped. I had it for almost ten years.

Now only broken shards remain of a once majestic cup. My purveyor of sanity is gone. My loyal sidekick is no more. The end of a very long chapter came tumbling to a shattering conclusion.

To think that such small hands possess the power to end an era. To drastically alter the course of things with such painful finality.

It’s disturbing.

In one bumbling sweep she turned the tangible to untouchable memory.

My sanity shall mourn you, my Cup of Gifts. My muse shall weave an ode of loss and it shall take hostage my senses until your memory fades to a dull, wintry ache.

I shall miss you terribly.

I already do…

10 thoughts on “My Old Coffee Mug is Gone Forever

  1. Have some more coffee, eh?

    Seriously, I have a favorite mug. I think anyone with any true signs of character have a mug that is a significant piece of their emotional DNA.

    My mug has a sketch of John Wayne on it. It is large and has nice straight sides and a heavy base and when I pick it up I automatically feel authoritative. It has a large handle to fit my large fingers and coffee just tastes better in that one special mug.

    Dang it.

    Is it breakfast time yet?


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    1. Sounds like an awesome mug, and yeah, I agree.

      The square lip of my mug made sipping from it practical, given my beard. It was the right size, too. I’ve had it so long, just never thought that it could break one day. I’ll have to shop for a new one now.


  2. It is a good thing we as parents are instilled with an unconditional love for our children. The other day my kid fed the dogs an entire box of dark chocolate cookies. So not only was I out of cookies but I figured the dogs would be dead by morning. The dogs didn’t even get sick by the way, but my male bulldog went into a humping frenzy that lasted about 12 hours.

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  3. Oh, I’m sorry. I know it’s just a thing, but we do get attached to things, especially when they carry memories.

    But you know, a friend of mine always tells me there’s a reason for everything. Things are always meant to be, even if sometimes we don’t understand the reason immediatly.
    Maybe this is a sign that things are moving and changing for you and something new is coming your way 🙂

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