New Price Tag For Seals of Abgal: $1.99

The free promo day was an interesting experience, but it’s clear that I have a long way to go when it comes to exposure for Seals. I didn’t spend any money on marketing, just used that which were available to me like this blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I also have a wonderful bunch of writer friends who did some pimping and in the end I gave away 231 copies.

I’m not sure what I expected, whether this number is good or bad, but it’s 231 more people who will, hopefully, read Seals. Whether they’ll like it is something else, but I’m confident they won’t hate it (keeping fingers crossed here). I suspect that if I invested more time and some money in preparing for this promo, I would have given away a lot more copies.

I want to look at this from a positive angle. If you consider that it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, done without much preparation and using only the tools that were free and available to me, then the above number is not so bad. All in a day’s work–literally.

I never thought I’d make Seals free, but after a discussion the other day with a writer friend who still had confidence in KDP’s free promo days, I decided to test the waters. I didn’t agree with her for various reasons, but she had a good run and so did a few of our other colleagues, and even if I didn’t agree with the concept of free, I do acknowledge that in the current environment, it’s a tool to gain exposure, even if there are some side-effects. By making Seals free I wanted to prove my friend wrong and to test it myself. But honestly, I wouldn’t have minded being wrong.

It’s still too early to decide if this experiment was successful. But in order to catch any overflow from the free day, if any, I’ve decided to discount Seals to $1.99 and keep it there for the foreseeable future. It’s not a bad price tag, still very cheap, and still an impulse buy.

Work on The Worthless One is going strong, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post. I’m almost finished with the first draft. It took much longer than I expected, but then, I’m not known for my speed and I’d rather focus on plot and quality. And I’m not saying writing fast equals bad writing, because it doesn’t. I’m talking only about myself and if I were to write this story fast, the quality would suffer.

That is all for this week. Thank you to everyone who helped me with the promo day. You guys rock!

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