Seals of Abgal is Free for 24 Hours

Seals SmallI’ve gone and done it. In a rush of madness I went ahead and made Seals free for 24 hours. This is against my policy as I think Free is evil. It would seem Free is a necessary evil.

The way Amazon is set up, if you want attention from the algorithm bots on there, your ranking needs to shift. I now understand why Amazon features this service on KDP. It is one way of getting attention, of finding an audience.

As I’ve said previously, Seals is slowly but surely getting attention, and the type of attention it’s getting has been good so far. Still, it lacks proper exposure and I aim to fix that.

The discounted week had been a good one and I made some sales. Not great sales, but far better than what it enjoyed up until then. This spur-of-the-moment decision to make Seals free for 24 hours is an experiment to see if there is any merit to giving away a book for free just like that. It’s a difficult thing to do. I worked hard on Seals, but I understand that one needs to work with whatever system is available. Also, progress on The Worthless One has been so good; it is one of the reasons why I felt confident enough to do this. That, and this latest review received earlier today from BookAddict Mumma:

“Totally out of my genre, but I was drawn to this book. Absolutely spellbinding. The author has researched his book extremely well and I was totally engrossed in the story and turned page after page wanting to know what was going to happen, on the edge of my seat and breath-taking at times. The imaginary in this book is amazing, if I closed my eyes I was there with Sebastian. Hats off to you Woelf Dietrich, you drew in this romance novel reader. I can not wait to see what’s going to happen. Please finish the next intriguing book soon!”

So, guys, there is about 20 hours left at time of writing this post that Seals will be available for free on Amazon. Here is the link.

If you don’t yet have Seals, please go download it. I hope you enjoy the story. And if you want, come back here and tell me all about it. People seem to really love this tale and that makes my face smile. If you already have it, please let other people know. I love this smiling thing. My muse seems to like it too.

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