A Plot Reveal of Sorts and an Excerpt From The Worthless One

Screenshot Darker RimI will write a proper blurb for The Worthless One once I have completed it. As the story is still evolving I am only able to present you with a plot reveal of sorts. It follows the events in The Seals of Abgal and is part of the Guardians of the Seals series.

Sebastian Kaine created quite a mess for himself, for his uncle, possibly for humankind. Now he is trying to undo what he did, despite his uncle’s instructions to do nothing. All hell is about to break loose and Sebastian’s only lead is the dealer’s assistant, but she has disappeared, leaving no trace of ever having existed. Not even her employer remembers employing her. On top of that, someone is murdering women and they’re doing it in a very peculiar manner. Sebastian is convinced the murders are linked to the book. His uncle disagrees. But Sebastian is stubborn and investigates anyway, searching for answers, for any clue that will link the murders to the book, and to those who want it. As he opens doors he shouldn’t, pissing off people he shouldn’t, Sebastian will discover that everything he had been taught about this world, about its history, even the revelations from his uncle, all of it–are based on a lie so egregious, nothing will ever be the same again. And now the rules that govern this reality are being broken, rules that were made a long time ago. Rules that were created for a reason.

I know. It’s rather cryptic, but it gives you a little taste of what’s to come. For those who did read Seals, you have an inkling of what is in store for Sebastian. Or maybe you don’t. The story is still evolving and I’m allowing it to go where it wants. I’m following the twists and turns, curious to see where it will take me. I love it when this happens, when the story comes alive with an energy all its own. The drawback is that, as new scenes are born, new directions are revealed, and although I know my destination, I don’t always know the route there. This happened with The Worthless One, and now I’m a month behind schedule. Still, I’d rather be behind schedule and produce the best book I can, than rushing things and releasing an unfinished product. It would be unfair to the story, and it would be unfair towards you, my reader. So, I humbly and sincerely apologize for the extra wait. I can only promise that it will be worth it.

Here is an unedited snippet from the book. A gentle reminder though, when the time comes for rewrites I may make some amendments:

“…I’m in a place that is both alien and familiar. There is a desk — a great teak desk — and I recognize it. It belonged to my dad; the one he had in his office in the city. I remember it because I used to play under that desk as a small child, pretending it was my castle, my hide-away, my cave. It was such a big desk then.

It’s smaller now.

I remember sitting across from my dad at that same desk when I told him I wanted to be a lawyer like him.

He had smiled at me then.

Why am I seeing this?

There is a deep-red leather swivel chair behind the desk and someone is sitting in it. I can’t see who, only a trousered leg is visible. The rest is obscured by the chair’s backrest. I walk around the desk and as I do, I recognize the man. It’s my dad…

Only he is much older. His normally heavy eyebrows are bushy and white. The full head of wavy black hair he once sported is now white and thinned and lay unkept across his head. He used to be burly with thick shoulders. They’re now hunched and boney. His thin dress shirt hangs like a deflated parachute on his frame, accentuating the declined state of him. He looks fragile — fragile and very, very old. The lines on his face are deep grooves; the type that pain and heartache cause.

He glances up at me and smiles weakly, a flicker of recognition flashes across his dull eyes. My heart stops for a moment. It can’t be…

Wait, something is wrong here… My dad is dead. He died four years ago.”

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