Supernatural Obstructions and a Price Reduction

Seals SmallThese last two weeks have been crazy. My wife, who is seven months pregnant, hurt her back while trying to stop our son from running with a sharp object. At 20 months, he’s faster than the Flash. The object in his hand turned out to be a plastic brush. Those can be dangerous too, you know. Suffice to say, my wife’s been immobile (mostly) until two days ago. That’s not all. Of course it’s not. Bad things happen in twos and threes. Soon after the incident my son caught a slight case of the flu and passed it on to his five-year old sister who didn’t receive it so slightly. It’s been rough on my family.  During this time I did very little writing and lots of frantic running. The good news, however, is my wife can walk normal again with the pain now at a manageable level and the kids are better–much better. Things are almost back to normal here. Almost.

Torn between feeling bad for my family and wanting them to be as comfortable as possible, and desperately wanting to write, it felt like my writing time had been taken hostage by powers far above my station. It left me with only stolen moments. Just enough to get the gears moving, but not enough to get to that level of concentration so I can emerse myself completely in Sebastian’s world. I’m like a train when it comes to writing, slow to start, but once I’m on the move, momentum keeps me going. The supernatural obstruction from writing had been a cruel thing with everything that is at stake and progress on the book coming along so nicely. Alas, I’m only mortal and have yet to find an effective weapon to counterbalance Fate’s twisted humor. I’m sure I will one day.

I tried to make the most of these shards of time by thinking of ways to get more eyeballs on The Seals of Abgal. Though people have been saying good things about Seals, my exposure so far has been very limited. I started toying with the idea of reducing the price from $2.99 to $0.99 cents. It made sense to me to try something like that as I’ve not done it before and it would be nice if more people were aware of Seals.

Thus, the decision was made and The Seals of Abgal ebook is now available on Amazon for $0.99 cents. I’m running this special for a limited time of five days only, starting today until Friday, 12 April 2013.

If you’re willing to spread the word, I’d be in your debt. If you haven’t yet read Seals, now would be your chance, and at $0.99 cents, it’s truly an impulse buy. The income generated will be used for only two things: to fuel my caffeine addiction and to get The Worthless One published.

Here are the various links to The Seals of Abgal on Amazon:

Amazon US:  Kindle – $0.99

Amazon UK:  Kindle – £0.77

And for those in other countries:

Amazon Canada

Amazon Brazil

Amazon Spain

Amazon France 

Amazon Germany

Amazon Japan

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