A Book Bomb for Ben Wolverton, Son of Award-Winning Fantasy Author David Farland

This is a special post.

My wife hurting her back had us worried for a while there because we weren’t sure how it would affect our unborn child. The risk of the injury inducing premature labor is still strong, but we’re taking it easy, taking it day by day. I remember last year when my eldest daughter had had an accident at school. The school had phoned me and told me Lucia had taken a fall and had bumped her head. I could hear in the teacher’s voice something was off. This wasn’t a normal “bump”. I remember rushing over trying my best not to panic. When I got there, I found Lucia sitting on her teacher’s lap, bawling. The teacher was holding a cloth against her head, just above her right eye. The teacher was pale and her eyes were frozen wide. The other kids were sitting in a circle around them singing softly in an attempt to calm Lucia down. My heart was in my throat that day. When the teacher lifted her hand, ice rippled down my spine. I could see a gaping hole the size of a dime in my daughter’s forehead. My whole body when numb with shock, seeing my little baby girl like that… She was only four. We took her to the local ER and they were able to stitch her up with no lasting consequences or permanent damage, save for the scar to remind us of what could have been.

But I still remember how I felt that day. Every day I get small versions of that when any of my kids hurt themselves. It is a terrible burden that you carry as parent. Last week I received news that David Farland’s son was involved in a tragic long-boarding accident. It happened on Wednesday, the 4th of April. Ben Wolverton, who is 16, suffered severe brain trauma, a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drums, and road rash, and is currently in a coma. To make matters worse, Ben has now developed pneumonia.

You may know David from his bestselling series, Runelords. His books have won multiple awards, and he is widely known as a mentor to many prominent authors, such as Brandon Sanderson, Stephenie Meyer, and Brandon Mull.

I can only imagine what David and his family are going through. If I think of how I reacted seeing my daughter hurt, remembering those feelings of utter frustration and hopelessness of not being able to take away the pain and hurt,  what David and his family are going through, is gut-wrenching on so many levels. My heart goes out to them.

Which brings me to the reason for today’s post. Not only are they trying to survive this nightmare, there are the medical costs to consider. See, the family has no insurance and costs for Ben’s treatment are expected to rise above $1,000,0000.

To help raise money for Ben, they’re having a Book Bomb which will focus on Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines.

What is a Book Bomb?

For those that don’t know, a Book Bomb is an event where participants purchase a book on a specific day to support the author, or, in this case, a young person in serious need: Ben Wolverton.


David Farland’s young adult fantasy thriller Nightingale has won seven awards, including the Grand Prize at the Hollywood Book Festival—beating out ALL books in ALL categories. It has been praised by authors such as James Dashner (The Maze Runner), Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn), and Paul Genesse (Iron Dragon series), and has received four and a half stars on Amazon. You can read the reviews here.



Some people sing at night to drive back the darkness. Others sing to summon it. . . .

Bron Jones was abandoned at birth. Thrown into foster care, he was rejected by one family after another, until he met Olivia, a gifted and devoted high-school teacher who recognized him for what he really was—what her people call a “nightingale.”

But Bron isn’t ready to learn the truth. There are secrets that have been hidden from mankind for hundreds of thousands of years, secrets that should remain hidden. Some things are too dangerous to know. Bron’s secret may be the most dangerous of all.

Nightingale is available as a hardcover, ebook, audio book, and enhanced novel for the iPad.

You can purchase it on Amazon: Here

Barnes and Noble: Here

on the Nightingale website: Here

Or, you can get the enhanced version, complete with illustrations, interviews, animations, and its own soundtrack through iTunes: Here

Million Dollar Outlines

milliondollaroutline cover

If you are a writer, you may want to consider purchasing David Farland’s Million Dollar Outlines instead. I have and it’s worth every cent. Million Dollar Outlines has been a bestseller on Amazon for over a month and is only $6.99:

As a bestselling author David Farland has taught dozens of writers who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Bestsellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), James Dashner (The Maze Runner) and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

In Million Dollar Outlines, Dave teaches how to analyze an audience and outline a novel so that it can appeal to a wide readership, giving it the potential to become a bestseller. The secrets found in his unconventional approach will help you understand why so many of his authors go on to prominence.

Get it on Amazon: Here

Or on Barnes and Noble: Here

Read one of the 26 reviews here: Here

Would you like to just donate money or learn more about Ben’s condition? You can do that here: http://www.gofundme.com/BensRecovery


If you can’t spare any money, but would still like to help, you can do so by telling others about Ben’s donation page, and/or this Book Bomb. Share it on facebook, twitter, pinterest, your blog—anywhere you can.

We have an event page set up on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/453677124707603/

Thank you!

Ben and his family greatly appreciate your support, and so do all who love and care about them.

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