#Art of Fantasy 113: Bogdan Rezunenko

Bogdan Rezunenko lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and is a freelancer. At some stage, he worked as an artist for Pathfinder. That is it. No other information exist that I can find. So, we know Bogdan is a freelance artist. We don’t know what informs his creativity or what inspires him. His work is awesome, though, and I love his style. There is monochromatic veil across each of his paintings and it works fine. You get a sense of being lost in a world that is lost.

Check out the collection below, but I warn you: Take care you don’t fall into the abyss that is this artist’s mind. Enjoy!


Indeed dark and somewhat disturbing but wholly fascinating. if you want to see more of Bogdan’s work, click here. The link will take you to his portfolio.

I’ve started working on this week’s “Obscure Tales” but it has become clear to me that time restrictions will keep me from consistently meeting a Friday deadline. But, as with “Art of Fantasy,” each post will come out weekly. I’m jus not specifying which day to allow for some flexibility.



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