#Art of Fantasy 106: ÖMER TUNÇ

Art of FantasyÖmer Tunç is a freelance artist and illustrator from Izmir, Turkey, and almost a complete mystery to me. From his Deviant profile, I learned that his favorite movie is The Big Lebowski, that he loves Game of Thrones, and that his favorite book is The Lord of the Rings. Nothing about his art or the projects he’s working on currently.

So, we have only his art and the subjects he paints and that will have to do for purposes of this post. I did discover he won the 2015 GIO Award for Best Illustrator of the Year, for a painting based on The Lord of the Rings.

Ömer is immensely talented. The tone and atmosphere captured in his paintings enthrall you. You have mystery and darkness, and also something else, something I can’t quite put my finger on. Almost like energy teeming below the surface. Or maybe it’s just the composition. Ömer is one of those artists who creates the illusion of intricate detail through his use of texture and composition.

Below is a small collection of his work. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy!













Sometimes you’ll discover an artist whose art really captivates you, so much so, that you find it difficult to compile a selection. This week’s post gave me a bit of a challenge. Most of Ömer’s paintings are superb. However, space and practical considerations meant ignoring a host of them. I am confident I chose the very best, even if they do say art is subjective, but do yourself a favor and go check out his gallery. You won’t regret it.

Hope this week treats you well. If it doesn’t, force it into submission.




3 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 106: ÖMER TUNÇ

  1. WOW! absolutely stunning!
    Some of these paingins have a photographic quality and it gives the painging a strenght that’s nearly otherworldy. I don’t know how to describe it better.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.


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