National Woelf Dietrich Week in Luvmbookistein

Given that the good people of Luvmbookistein celebrate “National Woelf Dietrich Week” this week, I thought I’d share an oldie with you.

It’s been a while since I mentioned The Seals of Abgal. I’ve updated it and reformatted everything and I made it look better than before. One has to. Technology keeps improving the way we do things, and it most certainly improved since 2012, and it makes sense then to use the latest software on my book, which I did. And of course, having done so, it left me feeling vivacious and in a sharing mood.

Reading some of the book’s awesome reviews didn’t help either because suddenly I felt there shouldn’t be a reason why The Seals of Abgal can’t sell a gazillion copies. And then, as if by some supernatural interference, I discovered they celebrate “National Woelf Dietrich Week” in Luvmbookinstein this week.

I mean, what are the chances of it happening the same week I spring-cleaned my book, right?! I was taken aback by this remarkable coincidence, and, of course, being the modest and humble gentleman that I am, I concluded that somehow the gods must have decided to embrace me this year. Maybe they even went so far as to wink at me as if to say, “Your turn, mate. Enjoy it!”

Who knew the gods had a Kiwi accent?! I surely didn’t.

So here we are…

In order to appease the gods, check out the description below to find out why they are in such a sharing mood.


Not only does Dietrich tell a suspenseful story that’s different from most urban fantasy, he’s an accomplished stylist. His prose flows smoothly, carrying the reader along.” ~ Amazing Stories Magazine

Bookstore owner and novice antiquarian, Sebastian Kaine is proud of his new profession and even prouder still of the collection of antique books on the occult that he keeps locked away in his bookstore’s basement. But his little utopia is shattered one night when he wakes up in that same basement, bound and bloodied, and his prized collection all but destroyed.

Making matters worse are the two strange men responsible for the carnage. They want The Seals of Abgal and insist Sebastian is in possession of it.

As he fights to survive the night, Sebastian will learn that The Seals of Abgal is no ordinary grimoire for it holds powerful secrets. Secrets that are older than time itself. And these men searching for it are no ordinary thugs.

They are driven by a hate older than the secrets themselves.

Treat yourself and get a copy. You might just like it. Click here.





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